The Reviews Page

To access the reviews page, Click on the Reviews tab on the left side of your account dashboard.

Then click on the Monitoring tab

This will bring you to the Reviews page where you will be able to see the reviews for each of your locations.

Note: In order to view this data, you must connect your Google account and/or connect your Yelp account to your Marqii account. 

At the top of the Reviews page there is a Summary Table which will show the following:

  • Total amount of Reviews (with the date of the latest review)
  • Average Rating
  • Rating Breakdown
  • Total number of reviews Awaiting Replies (with the number of days since the last reply.

Beneath the Summary table, you can view the information for each of your reviews broken down by the following columns:

  • Date
  • Listing (Google or Yelp)
  • Rating
  • Location
  • Review
  • Status

Note: The Summary Table updates to match any filtering options you set for your reviews. This allows you to set specific data points you might be interested in looking at.



If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact support at or

1 888-597-2939.