The Analytics Page - Total Business Updates & Total Time Saved

The Analytics page provides a section titled Total Business Updates and Total Time Saved.

This section showcases data revolving around Updates made by Marqii for the selected locations and publishers during the selected period.

 In this section we can see the data for the current and previous periods for:

  • Total Business Updates - the number of changes for the selected locations and publishers during the selected period.
  • Total Time Saved - the estimated time saved by allowing Marqii to process these updates. 

This data is shown in the following breakdown:

  • The data for the current period in bold
  • The data for the previous period in grey
  • The percentage difference between both periods, +Green for an increased percentage and -Red for a decreased percentage.


Note: Total Time Saved is calculated by multiplying the Total Updates by 80 seconds by the number of publishers selected. We estimate that every update will take 80 seconds per publisher.


The bottom portion of this section shows a donut graph representation for these updates broken down by Listings, Menus, and Hours updates. Hovering, over each section will show a tool tip with the breakdown of the updates for the relevant section. 

The table below the donut graph also provides a breakdown of these updates as well.

Note: The donut graph is color coordinated with the section below it. Orange for Listings, Blue for Menues, and Purple for Hours.


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